How to make a festive wreath using wire

Wreath using wire

How to make a Festive Wreath

Supplies required: A wire ring, moss, a paddle wire and foliage.

Step 1. Moss

Moss will retain more moisture and help keep your wreath looking fresh. Firstly put your wire ring in front of you and attach your paddle wire to the top of your design. Using the paddle wire you will attach the moss going around in a circular motion to secure the moss all the way around your wreath ring.

Step 2. Green up

Leave your paddle wire on and continue with your next layer of greens.

Select 2/3 foliage's/flowers. Look at the texture, colour and form they take so you can build up a great base.

Start to 'green up' with the large foliage as much as possible covering the wire ring.

Use each foliage at a time. Going around with your paddle wire securing neatly and tightly each time. This will create a spiral effect around the edges and will help make sure you are placing the foliage stems evenly throughout.

Be sure to cut any stems on an angle to support water uptake. Be mindful of using the product wisely and having little wastage. Cut down stems to approx. 4 cm to give a consistent effect and let the natural line of the stem guide as to where it should be placed.

Continue to do this with each foliage, layering up the look and distributing evenly.

Step 3. Add interest

Now start to add interest with other flowers and stems/dried fruits. This may be a filler type flower, smaller and interesting. Then add any larger focal items, this could be roses or wired items as you wish.

Step 4. Ribbon

Add some ribbon. This can be for full decorative purposes, i.e. a bow, or simply to tie onto the door. If only using as a table centre you can leave this stage.

Step 5. Finished!

When you have finished your design take a step back and look for any gaps. Fill in where necessary. Give it a little shake to make sure all secure! Hang or place at home and enjoy through the season and make time after time!

Step 6. Looking after your wreath

Most evergreen wreaths will dry really nicely and look fresh for quite some time on your door. Be sure that the water is not dripping when you place on the door to prevent any damage, likewise before you place this within your home on a table a suggestion would be to have a protective cloth or similar underneath. The ring does have wire backing so bear this in mind.

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