From conflict to resolution

If a team is not communicating well, there will be negative conflict and ultimately projects become delayed or are not delivered to the quality that the individuals in the team are capable of (knowing the skills you have spent time and resource on recruiting/remunerating for). Unhappy teams make for compromised projects.

Grow a better team

Taking place over half a day we focus on teaching floristry skills which support one or two key people development objectives, like communication, planning or leadership.

Olive + Blossom work with you to discuss your team goals before we get together and how we can best support your team with this session.

The Olive + Blossom team building floristry experience supports a team to tackle the problem head on - in a half day (or full day session) the objective will be to encourage a mind-set change; develop an honesty among team members; develop genuine respect in the team for future challenges.

We will meet, at a place that suits (this could be the work place, your favourite meeting space or we can source great places on your behalf). Then we do the rest. All flowers and tool kits will await the team and we can make something beautiful TOGETHER.

Example session

In groups of 2 we will design a floral display piece.

One person in the group will have the instructions, method and list of tools required. The other will need to 'make' the floral design based on their partner’s instructions. Listening skills and role clarity will be key. The team will have a set amount of time with which to complete their design. They will be asked at the end to spend time thinking about what went well, not so well and share with the group i.e. what from a communication point of view have they learned about their partner, the team and will take away?

Beyond the classroom

Individuals will feel a sense of 'investment' in them. This is important for retention purposes and indeed for the overall wellness of the person and ultimately team.

The team will have shared an experience. In shared experience, they have created a history, a story with which to share and reflect on. A bond that only they now share.

Collectively they will have agreed a way of how they will communicate better going forward and indeed agree that better communication is the way forward to overcome challenges in the future.

Barriers will have been broken down, a new skill will have been learnt and a new way of working agreed on.

Say to see how we can support your team.

Quick overview

We will:

  • Catch up and consult in advance to design/ outline learning and team day objectives.
  • Agree on and organise (where needed) an appropriate venue.
  • Bring all the tools and flowers you need plus instructions available on your phone/tablet.
  • Deliver a fantastic floral team session, with your objectives as the key starting point.
  • Facilitate learning, conversation and confidence building.
  • Summarise and follow up further to the session where agreed upon.

Get in contact

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